LOPA Minutes for August 24, 2010

The Fall Orchestra Board meeting convened Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 7:00 pm in the Lafayette High School Orchestra Room. The meeting was called to order by Orchestra Board President Suzetta Yates. A quorum was present.

The new board members were introduced and are as follows: Suzetta Yates, president; Melissa Blackburn, vice president; Kerstin Wendroth, 2nd vice president; Denise Knox, secretary; Faryan Barati, treasurer; Carol Garver, FOAS representative; and Karen Marcum, publicity. Contact information is posted on the Orchestra Website.

A brief explanation of volunteer opportunities and was given by MaryBeth McAlister before an introduction of the new Assistant Orchestra Director Katy Van Fleet.

An overview of the school year was provided by Director, Jennifer Grice, who first explained about the fundraising opportunities for the year. In addition to the candy fundraiser, headed by Melissa Blackburn, advertisements will be sold for the program. The sale of ads includes many opportunities for parents and businesses to contribute at different monetary levels. Students are encouraged to sell three ads for the program, unless parents “opted out” of fundraising at the beginning of the year by paying a one time fee.

As part of the fund raising endeavor, parents are encouraged to take advantage of the Kroger card promotion which allocates 4% of expenditures back to the Orchestra budget. Purchases made through December 2010 will apply to the Disney field trip planned for February 2011.

Ms. Grice then gave a brief overview of the years activities. A picnic is set for September 10 at Shilitto Park. More information on the pot luck will be distributed to the students.

The annual play-a-thon event which includes feeder middle schools is planned for October 28. This is planned in the gymnasium this year to provide adequate seating and to allow more fundraising opportunity booths. Other upcoming events were discussed including Master Classes at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville; All State Try outs will be held in November, and mandatory solo & ensemble will be held November 7. Some students may be selected to participate in the Morehead Tri-State competition. Mark O’Connor will perform with them … parents are responsible for any fees for this event.

The annual Christmas concert will be held December 3 in Beller Auditorium and December 7 in the Singletary Center. More information will provided to the students closer to the time of the performances.

The Disney field trip was discussed at length. This once every four year opportunity will include a professionally mastered CD, lodging in the Park and several park visits. Details will be distributed to participating students closer to the time of the event.

The annual budget was presented by treasurer Faryn Barati and was the last item discussed. The budget contained a carry over balance of $3,827.84 and an ending projected balance of $4,899.00. The total budget is expected to be $62,285.

The meeting adjourned at 8 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise Knox