Cincinnati Trip Itinerary

April 24-25
Friday, April 24
11:30am	       Depart from LHS
1:00pm	       Arrive in Cincinnati
1:30pm	       Symphony Orchestra warm-up for rehearsal
2:00pm	       Symphony Orchestra rehearsal with Associate Conductor of Cincinnati 
3:00pm	       Depart Symphony Hall  Check into hotel
4:30-6:00pm    Dinner @ Cheescake Factory (You will need $ for this meal)
6:30pm         Symphony Hall Tours
7:00pm         Pre-Concert Discussion
8:00pm         Concert with Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (Midori performing 
10:00pm        Depart Concert Hall
10:30pm        Return to hotel
11:30pm	       Room Check, lights out

Saturday, April 25
7:00-8:30am    Breakfast; Deluxe Buffet in hotel restaurant
9:15am         Room Check, Check-out
9:30am         Depart from hotel 
10:00am        Arrive at Kings Island  (Lunch voucher paid for; you will need $ 
               for dinner; you will receive a drink wristband for free drinks for 
               the entire day)
5:00pm         Check-in at the front entrance
10:00pm        Meet at the front entrance before returning to buses
10:30pm        Depart Kings Island
12:00am        Arrive back at LHS

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Lafayette High School
Spring Trip Information Sheet
Cincinnati, Ohio
April 24-25, 2009

Parents and Students:

I was hoping to pass this out at our booster meeting on January 27, but due to 
weather we have had to cancel that meeting twice.  This permission form is due 
on February 24 the same night as our scheduled parent booster meeting at 7:00pm.  
The students may turn it in during school or you may turn it in at the meeting.  
I will be able to answer any questions you might have at that booster meeting.  

Our spring trip this year is to Cincinnati, Ohio.  We will be leaving Friday, 
April 24 and returning Saturday, April 25.  The itinerary is attached and consists 
of attending a concert with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra with famous 
violinist, Midori performing, a rehearsal for Symphony Orchestra with the 
Associate Conductor of the Cincinnati Orchestra, and a day at Kings Island.


The student cost for our trip will be $175.00.  Included in this cost are 
transportation, hotel for 1 night, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, tickets for the symphony 
concert, and tickets for Kings Island.  The chaperone cost for the trip will be 
$200.00.  This is more because of the room being double occupancy instead of 
quadruple occupancy and tickets cost more for adults.  In order to facilitate our 
group payment for the trip, we have put together the following options for 

1) Write a check for the full amount, $175.00 ($200.00 for chaperones), to 
Lafayette Orchestra.  

2) We are glad to put the students (and parents) on a payment plan.  The timetable 
for this plan is listed below:
    Payment 1:      $100.00     February 24, 2009    Non-refundable deposit
    Payment 2:       $75.00     March 13, 2009       Non-refundable
*Please note that we are NOT in the business of making the trip unattainable for 
students or parents and we will work with all families in order to allow the 
students to participate.  Please remember that we are also on a trip payment 
schedule ourselves for the group.  Once the student signs up for the trip, we 
have to pay for that student whether they attend or not, so all money is 
non-refundable.  If unforeseen circumstances arrive, ex. Sickness, family 
emergency, etc., you may try and find a replacement for the full or half the 
cost.  The boosters will not refund any money for any reason after March 13, 

_____	My student will be attending the spring orchestra trip to Cincinnati 
from April 24-25, 2009.

_____  My student will NOT be attending the spring orchestra trip to Cincinnati 
from April 24-25, 2009.

_____	I would like to attend the spring orchestra trip as a chaperone and will 
also make a deposit by February 24, 2009 to reserve my spot.


Families can direct all questions to Jennifer Grice at


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