Minutes of the Lafayette Orchestra Boosters Meeting
Tues, January 13, 2011

The Orchestra Board met January 13, 2011 at the home of MaryBeth McAlister. The meeting was called to order by Orchestra Board President Suzetta Yates. A quorum was present, although Ms. Jennifer Grice was not present due to attending a continuing education convention.

Present were: Carol Garver, Kerstin Wendroth, Marybeth McAlister, Andy Mead, Faryn Barati, Eddie DeMoll, Denise Knox, Suzetta Yates and Margie Karp.

The first item of discussion was upcoming events for the orchestras. 29 Lafayette students will travel to Disney February 17-21. It was agreed that expenses should be kept to a minimum and that monies should be made available to tip and feed the bus driver.

Nine Students will be traveling to Music For All. Evidently it is required that the Orchestra purchase an $800 ad as part of the agreement to participate. The Boosters will ask Friends of SCAPA to contribute to part of the fee. There was also discussion over a $160 shortfall in fees for participating students. Discussion ensued as to whether the booster club or student should be responsible for the fees. A motion was made by Any Mead that the additional $160 shortfall would be covered by the participating students and not the booster club. Eddie DeMoll seconded the motion and it was unanimously agreed upon. Motion carried. Students will be responsible for directly paying the fee to Music For All.

Other upcoming events include the annual Area Concert date TBA. Ms. Yates and Ms. Mead will organize vendors. The event received a $5,000 grant. This year's event hopes to include a guest conductor.

The Orchestra Banquet (date TBA) will be held at Tates Creek Christian Church. Ms. Barati volunteered her daughter, Vita, to put together a power point presentation.

Old business included discussion of an outstanding bill for Old Kentucky Chocolates from last year. The board decided to again use OKC as a fundraising endeavor; however, participating students will be required to pay for the chocolate in advance. The board will ask Ms. VanFleet to assist with this fundraiser.

In light of Mrs. Grice's resignation the board decided to extend Mrs. Yates' tenure as a signatory on booster accounts. This will ensure that financial responsibilities and booster reports will be in order for the new director. It was reported that Mrs. Grice plans to have a carryover balance of $3,000 for the new director.

The last order of business was discussion of a replacement for Ms. Grice. It was the board's consensus that Ms. Yates draft a document outlining the preferred qualifications of the new director. It was also decided that Ms. Yates should meet with Ms. Ritchie to represent the Orchestra Board's interests.

With no other business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise Knox