Minutes of the Lafayette Orchestra Boosters Meeting
Monday, March 22, 2010

1. Minutes approved.

2. Director’s Report:

	Starting to plan the Orlando trip for next year.
	Still a possible Kings Island Trip this year – or maybe just laser tag
	Sectionals tomorrow 3/23
	Have a booster meeting right before the May concert and invite all parents. Have a mandatory parent meeting in August.
	Area Concert music is here. Concert will start at 6:00 PM.
	Only one entrant for T-shirt contest, deadline is Wed, 4/24.
	Electric cello not available until August. We ordered Ocean Blue! We will borrow others from SCAPA.
	Cheryl Taylor in charge of vendors and guest speaker.
	Need an electronics helper
	Husband, Jeff, will play percussion
	Asking for 2 liters of pop and cookies
	Marybeth is asking for volunteers, especially for the raffle
	We will have t-sirts and bumper stickers for sale
	Suggestion - have kids pick up garbage
	Perhaps raffle big picture of cellist
	Eco-grant - $5000, $2500 put in our account to buy music. All moneys will go through school district (for eco-grant).
	State Solo and Ensemble to be held at EKU on May 15.
	School concert on May 20
	Candy sales going great!
	Grants due for FOAS – want $2500 more for the electric instruments
	Assessment Festival – all 3 groups got straight 1s, Symphony got 3 – 1+ and and a 1

3. No Assistant Director’s report today.

4. End of the year banquet to be held on May 24.

Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Britton