Minutes of the Lafayette Orchestra Boosters Meeting
Tues, September 15, 2009

1. Minutes, Debbie Britton – abbreviated minutes accepted as presented.
2. Director’s Report: Jennifer Grice reported on the music for the Playathon and 
the Midwest Clinic – including the news that Nathan Cole and his wife will be 
performing with the orchestra at the Midwest Clinic (Bach Double Concerto). Also 
announced class trip to St. Louis to hear Gil Shaham in concert.
3. Charms, Marybeth Mead – input mostly done, will be able to send out invoices with it.
4. Web Site Update, Eddie DeMoll – limited space on the site, but can now update it.
5. Picnic recap, Andy Mead – great success, turnout
Expenses - $75 for bugers/dogs/buns
6. Barrage, Jennifer Grice – 10 students scheduled to attend tomorrow night.
7. KCMENC, Jennifer Grice – Kentucky Collegiate Music Educators National Conference, 
Sept. 24, Chamber Orchestra to be conducted by students there in Louisville. Need 
to bring dinner money.
8. Kroger cards – more sold this year, an application for Meijers has been filled 
out, need to do the same for Slone’s
9. Fundraising, Melissa Blackburn – need a tax letter for opt-out participants
	See’s candy – Oct. 12 for forms and flyers, order by Nov. 13, shelf life 
is 2 weeks?
10. Treasurer’s Report, Faryan Barati – Wants more money turned in, Jennifer Grice 
mentioned that students can be required to pay in order to receive their diploma.
11. Midwest Update/Financials/Sectional Coaches/Publicity/Etc. Jennifer Grice 
reported that Margie Karp has volunteered a lot of time, asked that LOPA pay for 
her to attend Midwest Clinic
12. Costumes/Tuxes and Dresses, Karma – Karma will finish fittings for concert wear, 
there are 13 free/reduced students $1300 LOPA will have to pay for tuxes
13. Photos, Reggie Goffinet – not present, she took a lot of photos at the picnic
14. Playathon, Marybeth Mead  - shorter concert, 1-2 pieces each, t-shirts - $7 
for students, pizza/drinks/desserts available for sale, 5:30 practice, concert 
starts at 6:00 PM on Oct. 29
15. Future plans, All-State, Insurance Policy – suggested 1 million dollar, College 
Night at Lexington Catholic
Next board meeting on Tues, 10/20 at 7:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Britton