Minutes of the Lafayette Orchestra Boosters Meeting
Tues, November 17, 2009

1. Minutes, Debbie Britton – minutes accepted as presented.
2. Playathon Review – Marybeth Mead
	Gift Baskets very popular, brought in $1500
	A couple sponsors have yet to pay
	Marybeth will send Thank You’s to sponsors
	Overall went very well
3. Director’s Report: Jennifer Grice reporting:
	Dresses are in.
	Playathon – went very well
	Morehead event went very well, but some students were late back to 
        rehearsal - They need to remember to be more professional
	Dec. 4 – String/Concert/Symphonic Strings concert at Norsworthy
		Bring finger food desserts
	Dec. 8 – Chamber Concert at Singletary, rehearsal 4:30 to 6 PM
		Sheet cake for after; Cindy Hawkins will be MC, Singletary 
                rental is $900
4. Assistant Director – Fred Speck reported:
Fred wrote up a proposal for the eco-grant from the city, maybe the only 
one sent in by a school.
Kroger money was turned in
Music Library to be reorganized in the spring
5. Fundraiser
	Sees candy order turned in, 16 participated, $2038 in sales
	Maybe use Old Kentucky for a spring fundraiser
	Suggested working at Amazon gift wrapping, but need committed parents
6. Booster Update
Bumper Sticker order going in, will charge $5 each, suggested that we charge 
$10 each, 2 for $15, and 3 for $20
St. Louis trip organizer – Nancy Ward – looking into hotels (most are far 
from the concert hall), concert tickets – cheapest are $16 for Fri PM or 
Sat matinee
	Possible activities include Six Flags, the Arch. Dates are 
April 8-10, cost $350
	Keep pictures for end-of-year DVD
	Need volunteers for 12/4 and 8 concerts
	Insurance – not fully checked into
7. Treasurer’s report – Faryan reported that some numbers are still missing. 
After school conductors are costing a bit more than expected. Other orchestras 
will get more attention in the spring. May need an additional fundraiser to 
offset fall costs.
8. Miscellaneous
	All State Music should be in before Christmas, find out who makes it 
in Dec.
Chamber parent Dec. 1 is mandatory. All forms must be turned in and signed, 
especially the medical form, permission form, and videotape form. Final 
itinerary is set.
Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Britton