Minutes of the Lafayette Orchestra Boosters Meeting
Tues, October 20, 2009

1. Minutes, Debbie Britton - minutes accepted as presented.
2. Directorís Report: Jennifer Grice reporting:
	Elizabeth Warner will take charge of the Kroger cards
        Meijers`-our application is not yet approved. There is a different set-up 
with this card. Suzetta will check on it.
        Bumper sticker suggestions: would like motto: Pride Through Performance 
and Lafayette Orchestra on it. Ask student leadership team for input. Suzetta 
will check into this further.
	Midwest program - Regi Goffinet will help put it together.
        Need volunteer to purchase tickets for events - Karma Cassidy - need tax 
exempt  #, tickets for Medieval Times, CSO, etc.
        Rooming list by mid-November
        May have a college fair there, will check on that
        St. Louis trip in the spring to see Gil Shaham, April 8-10, Suzetta will 
be asking parents for help in setting this up
	There are 5 students that are free/reduced, maybe 4 more.
Ask Faryan if Charms can be used to send out invoices, Fred Speck will look into 
it, need updated email addresses, Suzetta and Jennifer both want training on it 
as well.
        Insurance -we need a basic million dollar policy to cover events not 
covered by the school district. Suzetta will check further.
        Sees Candy forms send out end of Oct. candy to arrive first week of Dec. 
need orders in by Nov. 9 with a week of slop time. Forms will be available at 
the Playathon as well.
        Cheryl Taylor - emailed Jennifer about $5000 grant for an 
Environmental/Earth Day event. Grants from the city, we need to come up with 
a proposal. Email will be sent to board for brainstorming.
3. Assistant Director - Fred Speck reported:
	Elementary students love the t-shirts
	He has been working on Charms
        Is in the process of organizing the music library. Some of the music 
belongs to Jessie Clark Middle School, need to find out what is missing/incomplete 
and what is actually there! 
4. Playathon - Marybeth Meade
	David Takahashi is contributing framed instrument pictures for the silent 
	Passed out assignments, 2 food lines
	Silent Auction in cafeteria
        T-shirts - Faith to do the back, will turn in tomorrow, front design by 
Alex is done. Glendover/Squires late to register. Need volunteers to deliver T-shirts 
to schools - Eddie, Kirsten, Carol, and Suzetta, Mon 7 PM - label each t-shirt 
and divvie up for school delivery.
	Programs needed 2 days in advance.
        Costume judging - during setup before playing. Costume should be musical, 
not gory. 3 winners from each grade level, then overall 1st prize picked from each 
grade 1st prize winners. Fred will look into PA system. Prizes are Old Kentucky 
chocolates in the shapes of clefs, notes, violin.
Jennifer will check for gym availability for practice. Need ice machine key/open. 
Request chairs, borrow stands from all over.
5. Booster Update
	Midwest - everything Major good to go
	Barrage - really great, will come back in 2-4 years
6. Website - Eddie DeMoll reports that current website is too small, for $5 month 
extra get more space, ad free, and a couple of other bennies. Old tripod site 
cannot be changed, no blogs, but are looking for other suggestions.
7. Fundraising - Playathon, Sees candy
8. Treasurerís report - Faryan not present. Will get a report together and send 
in email.
Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Britton